International Commercial Arbitration

Name of the Journal / Books Publishing Date Title of Articles
Dispute Resolution International
(International Bar Association’s official publication) Volume 7 No. 1
May 2013 “Enforcement of Arbitral Award Made by China’s Newly Proclaimed Foreign-Related Arbitration Commissions – a Tale of Two Cities”

CIArb The International Journal of Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Management (UK)
Volume 79 No.2 Page 171 to Page 184 (ISSN 00037877)

April 2013 “China’s Arbitration System: Changes in Light of the CIETAC Arbitration Rules 2012 and the Civil Procedure Law 2012”



Shipping Transport and International Trade

Name of the Journal / Books Publishing Date Title of Articles
Reuters News (29th September, 2013) 29th September 2013 "As Chinese take business disputes abroad, ships caught in legal web."
(U.S.A.) Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce Volume 39 No. 2 Page 205 to Page 227
(ISBN 0022-2410)
April 2008 “Misdelivery of Cargo without Production of Original Bill of Lading: Applicability of the Mandatory Legal Regime of Hague-Visby and the One Year Time Bar”
Maritime Risk International March 2007 "Labour Threat in China"
(U.S.A.) Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce Volume 38 No. 1 Page 97 to Page 109
(ISBN 0022-2410)
January 2007 “The Dual Role Of The Freight Forwarder: Vastfame Camera Ltd. v. Birkart Globistics Ltd., 2005 High Court of Hong Kong 117, Stone J, 5 October 2005; 2005AMC 2864 (High Court of Hong Kong, 2005)”


2006 DirittoMaritimo, Italy(Italian) I1 Diritto Marittimo Page 918 to Page 920
(ISBN 0012-348x)
2006 "Dual Role Of Freight Forwarder In Misdelivery Of Cargo: Contracting In The Capacity As Both Agent And Principal?”
20061202 BCON-DVZ-Deutschelogistik-Zeitung-024 2nd December, 2006 "Wenn der Spediteur zum Carrier wird Das B/L muss unmissverstadlich sein, sonst droht verschafte Haftung. Diese bittere Erfahrung machte ein deutsches Speditionsunternehmen vor Gericht in Hongkong."
European Transport Law
VOL. XLI No.2 –2006
2006 "European Transport Law -VOL. XLI No.2 –2006"
"The Arbitrators”
(official journal of Society of Maritime Arbitrators, USA)
October 2002 "Misdelivery in the Absence of Original Bills and Exemption Clauses"


Corporate; Corporate Finance

Name of the Journal / Books Publishing Date Title of Articles
2014 Oxford Handbook Of Asian Business System 2014 “Oxford Handbook of Asian Business Systems – Hong Kong: Hybrid Capitalism as Catalyst, by Professor Gordon Redding, Gilbert Wong and William Leung”





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